Interplay focuses on four emerging New York-based artists whose work is equally defined in a multiplicity of mediums. For each of these artists, the expression of ideas in different mediums is a necessity. Interplay will explore individual bodies of artwork by these artists, as they strive to master artmaking in numerous distinct mediums, and at the same time, form a comprehensive artistic statement. Painting, sculpture, sound, installation, poetry, photography, drawing, collage and video are among the methods being investigated by these contemporary artists.

Ernest Concepcion

From tables vs. chairs to cowboys vs. aliens and cookies vs. milk, The Line Wars began as a series of over 100, 9×12 inch, ink drawings that emerged from sketches and doodles–the most rudimentary expression of visual thinking. Emerging from this series came a body of work set on the exploration of mediums. Concepcion’s practice has evolved to include sculpture and painting, along with new and various drawing materials.


Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo


Jodi Hanel