Environmental Performance Actions

Exit Art is pleased to announce the opening of E.P.A. (Environmental Performance Actions), the first project of S.E.A, a large-scale program dealing with current environmental concerns and the way artists respond to them. E.P.A is a group exhibition surveying recent performance work from around the world that addresses current environmental crises. The exhibition will consist of videos, photographs, texts, related ephemera and a film program documenting recent performances. For this opening project we have invited curator, Amy Lipton, and founder/co-curator Patricia Watts of ecoartspace, a leading international environmental arts organization, to collaborate with Exit Art on the organization and presentation of this material. E.P.A. will include performance documentation from more than 30 international artists. These works, created in the public sphere, draw attention to and engage the public in a dialogue about issues such as climate change, watersheds, urbanization and, ultimately, human survival. E.P.A. will set the precedence for future exhibitions of S.E.A. dealing with environmental issues including The End of Oil, about the global oil crisis and alternative energy, and Consume, about food production, agricultural and sustainable living practices. An exhibition of historical social-environmental art works is also planned to place this work in context.


Brandon Ballengée, Vaughn Bell/Sarah Kavage/Nicole Kistler, Mark Brest van Kempen, Center for Tactical Magic: Aaron Gach, Xavier Cortada, EcoArtTech: Christine Nadir/Cary Peppermint, Erica Fielder, Ozzie Forbes, Futurefarmers, Fritz Haeg, Amy Howden-Chapman, Basia Irland, Scot Kaplan, Carolyn Lambert, Robin Lasser, Kathryn Miller, Matthew Moore, Eve S. Mosher, Andrea Polli/Joe Gimore with scientific collaborator Dr. Patrick Market, Rapid Response: Christina Cobb/Peter Fend/Julia Fischer/William Meyer, Tod Seelie, Austin Shull, Brooke Singer/Brian Rigney Hubbard, Social Sculpture Research and Unit-Earth Agenda: James Reed/Shelley Sacks, The Society for a Subliminal State: Carrie Dashow/Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Anne-Katrin Spiess, Chris Sollars, State of Progress: Carissa Carman/Joanna Lake, and Temescal Amity Works: Susanne Cockrell/Ted Purves