America for Sale

A project of SEA (Social-Environmental Aesthetics), America for Sale is an exhibition of photography, sculpture, video, and installation that addresses America’s spiraling national debt, struggling global economy, and the ramifications of our extravagant spending.

The American economy (and the world economy) is under great duress. Due to federal spending, the accumulation of budget deficits, the controversial wars in the Middle East, the devastating impact of the decline of the real estate market, the failure of sub-prime mortgages, and the collapse of several banks, the status of America as a wealthy superpower is being challenged as the stability of our economy deteriorates.

The United States is now relying heavily on foreign investment and a federal bailout (or “stimulus package”) to buoy the U.S. economy. Our enormous debt, shaky stock market, and American reliance on fiscal support from abroad have eroded America’s authoritative place in global politics. Foreign countries are buying stakes in the United States – in our real estate, and in our debt. The nation has become a marketable commodity.

What is at stake? What does the future hold? What can be done? The works in this exhibition explore the politics of money, establishing a potent, cynical and sometimes humorous critique of the global financial system.

SEA and America for Sale conceived by Papo Colo.
America for Sale curated by Herb Tam and Lauren Rosati.