NEW MIRRORS: Painting in a Transparent World
01/09/10 – 02/06/10

Curator: Herb Tam

Artists: Kadar Brock, Jesse Chapman, Mira Dancy, Benin Ford, Alison Fox, Julia San Martin,
Andy Piedilato

Exhibition: New Mirrors surveyed the state of current painting through the work of seven New York-based artists. In particular, the exhibition positioned painting as a way of thinking about perception in the age of digitization, information and instantaneity.

WATERPOD: Autonomy and Ecology

01/09/10 – 04/10/10

Curator(s): Ian Daniel and Mary Mattingly

Exhibition: A project of SEA (Social-Environmental Aesthetics), Waterpod: Autonomy and Ecology documents and revisits the Waterpod’s five-month voyage around the boroughs of New York. It includes videos, photographs, relics, art works, journal entries, and ephemera that tell the story of this unusual public art project.

Events: January 15, 2010, Interactive Architecture: Reinventing Social Spaces, a discussion with Natalie Jeremijenko, Terreform One and BLDGBLOG creator Geoff Manaugh; January 22, 2010, Back to Land: Waterpod Party, with food by Bridget Stixrood; music by Queen of Quartz, Furacoco, DJ Trent, and Andrew Carter; introduction by Douglas Kelley; films, performances, journal readings and new project highlights; February 26, 2010, A New Breed, a party to benefit the Waterpod and Exit Art with music by DJ Trent, Brahms, Class Actress, and Lemonade; performances by Shana Moulton and Brina Thurston; and videos by Simone Leigh, Aleksandra Mir and Charles Stankievech