3/5/2005 – 5/7/2005

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Sol Aramendi, David Borawski, Michael Combs, Sung Ho Choi, Chaim Garcia, Reuben Henry, Duron Jackson, Marie Christine Katz, Sarah Klein, Tamara Kostianovsky, Warren Lehrer, David Opdyke, Dane Patterson, Richard Rinehart, Bradley Rubenstein, Bryan Savitz, Minshik Shin, Kiriko Shirobayashi, Véronique Simar, Jonathan Skurnik, Judith Sloan, Randy Erica Stulberg, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, The 62, Lex Thompson, Jennifer Trausch, Brian Ulrich, Michael Zansky

Exhibition: We live in a world that is defined by American Pop icons like MTV, Hollywood, CNN, Disney, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Superman. What are the views of America beyond the dominant commercial aesthetic? What are the other faces of our country that we want to present to the rest of the world? What are the issues and ideas that concern us? Who and where is the ‘Other America’? There are always new countercultures. At this moment, what are the stories about life and art in the United States that reflect other narratives and visions of who we are? How do we define ourselves outside the American mainstream? Other America was a multidisciplinary arts exhibition that investigated views of America beyond the conventional aesthetic. Other America presented artworks that symbolize the undercurrents of life in the United States.

Event: Video programs curated by Jim Browne


4/15/2005 – 4/17/2005

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Rob Andrews, Sarah Chokyi Bauer, Paul Benney, Maria Bussmann, caraballo-farman, Karen Dolmanisth, Cécile Evans, Berioska Ipinza, Mayumi Ishino, Jae Rhim Lee, Annie Murdock, Nico y Katiushka, Laura Nova, Yasira Nun, Praxis, Pasha Radetzki, Chemi Rosado-Seijo, Aki Sasamoto, Jeffrey Schiff, Mark Stafford, Riva Weinstein, Beatrice L. Wolert

Exhibition: Realizing that faith has become one of the most relevant issues of the 21st Century, Exit Art saw a need for artists to respond to issues such as the influence of the religious right on politics, the widespread interest in Zen practices, worldwide religious intolerance, use of religion to connect to personal heritage, the mixing of business, politics and religion, the quest to achieve enlightenment, and many others. The twenty-one artists selected for prayingproject discovered their unique ways of praying – private, public, intense, sublime, vulnerable and powerful. Performances were presented simultaneously on eight stages in the 10th Avenue and 36th Street windows of Exit Art.

HOMOMUSEUM: Heroes and Moments

5/21/2005 – 8/19/2005

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Christopher Arabadjis, Alvin Baltrop, James Bidgood, ak burnes, Christopher Clary, JP Forrest, Leor Grady, Stephanie Gray, Michela Griffo, Geoffrey Hendricks and Sur Rodney (Sur), Derek Jackson, Aaron Krach, Marget Long, Gabriel Martinez, James Morrison, Rune Olsen, Predrag Pajdic and Rachel Wilberforce, Robert Ransick and Blake Goble, Matthew Ravenstahl, Milton Rosa-Ortiz, Shane Ruth, Mary Ellen Strom, Jonathan Wahl, Phillip Ward

Exhibition: Homomuseum was structured around the idea of an imaginary national art museum dedicated to the presentation and historicizing of art by LGBT artists. Homomuseum investigated lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) icons that made their mark on the political, social, economic, and cultural landscape. Homosexual politicians, architects, inventors, athletes, scientists, artists, and events have shaped our global culture; this exhibition celebrated these icons and moments in history. Homomuseum was comprised of two visual components: an exhibition and archive project. For the exhibition, LGBT artists chose a historical moment or person in the gay and lesbian community that influenced local, national, or global culture and then created a conceptual portrait or work of that person, event, or place. For the archives, members of the LGBT community submitted objects/mementos that were personally important. Archive objects included photographs, books, movies, poems, drawings, and included personal texts explaining the object’s significance. Homomuseum was a response to the tremendous influence that gay culture has had on mainstream culture and investigated how homosexuality is defined and expressed by queer artists today.

Event: Homomuseum video program curated by Jim Browne: June 18, 2005, Hide and Seek, directed by Su Friedrich (1996); June 25, 2005, Nitrate Kisses, directed by Barbara Hammer (1992); July 9, 2005, The Salt Mines, directed by Carlos Aparicio and Susana Aikin (1990); July 16, 2005, Tongues Untied, directed by Marlon Riggs (1989); July 23, 2005, Tying the Knot, directed by Jim De Seve (2004)


10/1/2005 – 12/23/2005

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Jonathan Allen, Justin Beal, Gail Biederman, Johannes Buss, Alfredo Conde, Matthew Cusick, Michel de Broin, Lisa DiLillo, Uri Dotan, Hasan M. Elahi, eteam, Eddie Figueroa, Rafael Rivera, Aaron Salabarrías, Chantel Foretich, Adam Frelin, Graciela Fuentes, Christoph Gielen, Eduardo Gil, Shuli Hallak, Tom Hébert, Angela Hennessy, Todd Jokl, Marie-Christine Katz, Michael Lalicki, Matthew Lusk, Mitchell Marco, Bryan Mesenbourg, David Packer, Debra Pearlman, Plamen Petkov, PIPS (Providence Initiative for Psychogeographic Studies), Preemptive Media, Jeremy J. Quinn, Nicholas Rodrigues, Augustine Romero, Shane Ruth, Marie Sauvaitre, Romy Scheroder, Simon Schiessl, Saoirse Higgins, Zoë Sheehan Saldaña, Paul Slocum, DoEAT, János Sugár, Stefanie Trojan, Jovan Villalba, Onge S. Warner, Seth Weiner, Letha Wilson, Bradley Wood, Mike Wsol, Linda Wysong

Exhibition: Traffic was the second of five biennials planned over ten years. In response to Webster dictionary’s five definitions for “traffic,” the artworks in this exhibition explored how traffic defines our constantly changing world through the sprawl of urban centers; borders being redefined; global import and export of goods; people moving from one place to another; the trafficking of drugs, people and children; the flow of information over the internet, etc. Everything is in flux and traffic is the system in which it all moves.


11/19/2005 – 1/1/2006

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Karen Dolmanisth, Hector Ducci, Kate Gilmore, Anne Spurgeon, Charles Juhasz-Alvarado, nicoykatiushka, José Letelier, Jimmie Stone, Seth Weiner, Saya Woolfalk

Exhibition: In the spirit of the holiday windows featured in New York’s major department stores, Exit Art commissioned ten artists to create installations in its eight storefront window spaces. Viewable twenty-four hours a day through the 10th Avenue and 36th Street windows, each display expressed a unique take on the holiday season and spirit.