1/20/2001 – 3/17/2001

Curator(s): Zdenka Badovinac

Artists: Jusuf Hadzifejzovic, Nebojsa Seric-Soba, Rassim Krastev, Ventsislav Zankov, Nenad Dancuo, Vlasta Delimar, Tomislav Gotovac, Aleksandar Ilic, Sanja Ivekovic, Bozidar Jurjevic, Dalibor Martinis, Milan Knízák, Jirí Kovanda, Karel Miler, Jan Mlcoch, Jirí Suruvka, Petr Stembera, Margita Titlová-Ylovsky, Autoperforationsartisten (Micha Brendel, Else Gabriel + Ulf Wrede, Via Lewandowsky), Via Lewandowsky, Durs Grünbein, Tibor Hajas, Istaván Kovács, János Szirtes, Post Ars (Aleksas Andriuskevicius, Rombertas Antinis, Ceslovas Lukenskas), Egle Rakauskaite, Pavel Braila, Lilia Dragneva, Lucia Macari, Jerzy Beres, Katarzyna Kozyra, KwieKulik, Natalia LL, Teresa Murak, Józef Robakowski, Jerzy Truszkowski, Alexandru Antik, Ion Grigorescu, Paul Neagu, Amalia Perjovschi, Dan Perjovschi, Alexander Brener, Vadim Fishkin, Rimma & Valery Gerlovin, Komar & Melamid, Oleg Kulik, Igor Makarevich, Vladislav Mamushev Monroe, MOVEMENT GROUP, Alexander Yulikov, ARTPROSPEKT P.O.P. (Ladislav Pagác, Viktor Oravec, Milan Pagác), Peter Bartos, L’ubomír Durcek, Michal Kern, Vladimír Kordos, Peter Meluzin, Dezider Tóth (TD), BORGHESIA, Leonora Jakovljevic-Mark, Marko A. Kovacic, LAIBACH, Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy at NSK (Peter Mlakar), OHO (David Nez, Andraz Salamun, Tomaz Salamun), Marko Peljhan, Franc Purg, Joze Slak-Doka, Ive Tabar, Janja Zvegelj, Marina Abramovic, Dejan Andelkovic & Jelica Radovanovic, Radomir Damnjan, Era Milivojevic, Tanja Ostojic, Nesa Paripovic, Nenad Rackovic, Miroslav Misa Savic, Bálint Szombathy, Ilija Soskic, Rasa Todosijevic, Peter Mlakar, Slaven Tol

Exhibition: Body and the East was an important survey of the history of body art actions performed in the former Eastern Bloc and Soviet Union from the 1960s to the present. Artists in the exhibition hailed from Bosnia and Herzegovnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Yugoslavia. Because much of this work operated outside the boundaries of state-sanctioned art, the exhibition brought to the fore a body of work experienced by only a small minority in the East, and known to only few in the West.

The exhibition examined more than 200 body actions and performance works through extensive video footage and still photographs taken during live actions. More than twenty video monitors were stationed throughout the galleries of Exit Art presenting documentation of these important performances. Drawings, writings, photographs, and other archival materials also contributed to an understanding of how a significant group of artists based in the former Eastern bloc countries used their bodies as a starting point for art. The exhibition was organized into fourteen sections, each representing a country in Eastern Europe.

Event: Balkan Cabaret, a panel discussion and performance event

Publication: A 192-page, fully-illustrated, bilingual (Slovenian/English) book entitled Body and the East: From the 1960s to the Present features essays by Zdenka Badovinac, Kristine Stiles and shorter statements by 14 guest curators. The catalogue was published by MIT Press in conjunction with the exhibition’s opening in Ljubljana.

Travel: Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia


3/31/2001 – 5/19/2001

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Robert Chambers, Gregory Green, David Leslie, Chico MacMurtrie, Yucef Merhi, Arnaldo Morales, Keith Sanborn, Susan Seubert

Exhibition: Danger was an exhibition that indicated the many ways in which artists depict danger. There is a fascination with this topic that was expressed in this exhibition by eight artists who used different mediums to explore the concept of danger including the physical, mechanical, psychological, historical, political, metaphysical, and ecological.

Event: Danger: Video Program


4/20/2001 – 5/16/2001

Curator(s): Limor Tomer

Artists: Jane Ira Bloom, Hamiet Bluiett, Dean Bowman, Ken Butler, Samir Chatterjee, Keba Cissoko, Min Xiao Fen, Drew Gress , Matt Haimovitz, Dana Hanchard, Shelley Hirsch, Leroy Jenkins, Jerome Kitske, Cooper-Moore, Tracie Morris, Kwaaku Kwaakye Obeng, Brandon Ross, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Matt Wilson, Ned Rothenberg, Marjana Sadowska, Brad Shepik

Event: Festival of Solitude was an exciting new music series that featured twenty-five extraordinary performers from a wide range of musical genres and backgrounds, including classical western and non-western traditions, new music, and improvising jazz and non-western traditions. Each artist performed a solo twenty minute segment, largely un-amplified.


6/9/2001 – 8/17/2001

Curator(s): Carlo McCormick

Exhibition: The LP Show featured over 2,500 innovative covers that were culled from over fifty collections. This exhibition traced the history of graphic design for album covers from its beginnings in the 1940s to contemporary graphics that endure as the medium has given way to the digital age of the compact disc. During the last half of the 20th century, the album cover was one of the most distributed popular art mediums. The LP Show examined the tremendous impact commercial artists, who were often employed by large record labels and doing amazing work in absolute anonymity, had on post-war popular culture.

The LP Show was not intended to be a history of music, but rather a diverse survey of record cover graphics. Many of the most famous album covers were not featured, instead the exhibition was structured thematically around seemingly obscure genres. Cultural themes ranged from religion to rage, seduction to sex, picturesque escapism to party inebriation, and many, many others. This thematic visual archive formed a social narrative that translated into a cultural timeline.

Event: The Turntable Sessions

Travel: Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA (January 31 – March 15, 2002); The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA (June 22 – August 18, 2002)


9/8/2001 – 10/27/2001

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Alicia Ackerman, Larry Bamburg, Avner Ben-Gal, Sandra Bermudez, Timothy Blum, Frank Bramblett , Cooper , Jason D’Aquino, Sharon Engelstein, Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Chris Francione, Tomer Ganihar, Marc Grubstein, Kimberley Hart, James Hegge, Yongkyoung Kim, Sun K. Kwak, Sigalit Landau, Edmundo de Marchena, Patrick Martinez, Ryan McGinness, Philip Rantzer, Blake Sandberg, Hyungsub Shin, Mette Tomerup

Exhibition: Spunky was Exit Art’s annual emerging artists exhibition for 2001, a curatorial review of some of the freshest and most innovative contemporary art being produced by emerging artists who have not yet received significant exposure for their art. The purpose of this show was to expose and explore new work that exhibited a fearless approach in self-expression, human sensations, and cultural reflections. All of the participating artists in Spunky were selected by directors Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo from studio visits that resulted from Exit Art’s ongoing slide review program. Spunky represented an international and national selection of more than twenty-five artists whose work included painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video, installation, and performance. Furthermore, each artist was represented by several pieces indicating a range and depth to their work.

Event: Spunky, Performance evening

BOOMERANG: Collector’s Choice

11/10/2001 – 1/5/2002

Curator(s): Flora Miller Biddle, Kenneth L. Freed, Wynn Kramarsky, Andrew Ong, Nancy & Joel Portnoy, Bill Previdi, BZ & Michael Schwartz, Allison Lane Rubler and Meredith Lane Verona
Artists: Karen Arm, Jill Baroff, Michael Bevilacqua, Sydney F. Biddle, James Bidgood, Fabian Birgfeld, Nancy Brooks Brody, Johanna Burke, Jay Batlle, Peter Boynton, Kevin Cannon, Geoff Chadsey, Chris Chiappa, Art Crumb, Tim Davis,Verne Dawson, Lucky DeBellevue, Brett Cook-Dizney, Benjamin Edwards, Juliana Ellman, Tony Feher, Phil Frost, Carlos Garaicoa, Jeff Gauntt, Ewan Gibbs, Sam Gordon, Katy Grannan, Katie Grinnan, Anton Henning, Santiago Hernandez, Christine Hiebert, Patrick Hill, Jeff Jackson, Patrick Jacobs, Gendron Jensen, Shannon Kennedy, Alix Lambert, Louise Lawler, Cary S. Leibowitz, Sharon Louden, Malerie Marder, David McIntosh, Sean Mellyn, Florian Merkel, David Moreno, Sandeep Mukherjee, Kori Newkirk, Leoni Oostvogel, Catherine Opie, Gloria Ortiz-Hernandez, Aaron Parazette, Enoc Perez, Gianni Piacentino, Kenneth Price, Rob Pruitt, Kanishka Raja, Scott Richter, Dario Robleto, Matthew Ronay, Celia Rumsey, Oli Sihvonen, Amy Sillman, Cary Smith, Christine Taylor Patten, Jordan Tinker, toadhouse, Richard Tuttle, Piotr Uklanski, Kathryn Walker, John Waters, Mark Williams

Exhibition: Boomerang was Exit Art’s fourth annual exhibition in the Choice series. For 2001, Exit Art revised the premise for this project and invited both established and emerging collectors to select specific pieces for an exhibition based on an imaginary “collecting budget” of $100,000. In keeping with Exit Art’s mission to bring the work of lesser-known artists to a broader audience, all participants were asked to choose artists who had not had major exposure.