1/16/1999 – 4/3/1999

Curator(s): Pip Day, Dominique Nahas, Odili Donald Odita, Kenny Schachter, Ingrid Scaffner, Franklin Sirmans, Henry Urbach, Martha Wilson

Artists: Luis Felipe Ortega and Daniel Guzman, Helen Mirra, Francis Alys, Bruce Ferguson, James Walsh, Stephanie Theodore, Mara Jayne Miller, Karin Schneider, Dave Herman, Gilbert Vicario, Barbara Clausen, Emily Cantrell, Vanessa Conté, Tracy Heneberger, Jeff Miller, Ripley & Jackson, jj pine, John Powers, Ellen Sayers, Raven Schlossberg, Stephen J. Shanabrook, Bili Bidjocka, Monika Brandmeier, Manuel Camargo, Rolo Castillo, Dan Devine, Vivienne Koorland, Pam Lins, Charles Long, Paul D. Miller / DJ Spooky, Jesus Polanco , Txuspo Poyo, Peter Rostovsky, Lisa Ruyter, Fatimah Tuggar, Dirk Westphal, Toshihiro Yashiro, Mimi Young, Bonnie Seeman, Edwin Vera, Jun Iseyama, Jacob Williams, Alfredo Martinez, Rob Pruitt, Ricci Albenda, Spencer Finch, Jonathan Horowitz, Marco Brambilla, Thuy Pham, Amy Gatrell, Liz Bougatsos/actress, Hiroshi Suniari, Ilona Rich, Robert Chambers, John LeKay, Devon Dikeou , Brendan Cass, Julien Laverdiere , Gus Romero, Antek Walczak, Daniel McDonald, Michael Gitter, Lisa Ruyter, Darrell Maupin, John Kelsey, B Team, Graham Gillmore, Lawrence Seward, Ruth Root, Dan Asher, Carroll Leggett, Joan Linder, Richard Kern , Michael Lavine, Charlie Finch, Curtis Cuffie, Mark Seliger, Fat Witch Bakery, John Defazio, Sam Easterson, Angelo Filomeno , Michel Gerard , Harold Graves, Shlomo Harush , Ben Kinmont , Howard McCalebb , Olu Oguibe , William Pope L. , Sol Sax , Gloria Williams, Laylah Ali, Edgar Arceneaux, Kira Lynn Harrris, Romuald Hazoume, Margherita Manzelli, Dario Robleto, Gunther Selichar, Lindsay Brant, Type A, Martha Burgess, Ilona Granet, Max Klein / , Jacquelyn Schiffman, Alice Wu, William Pope. L

Exhibition: Paradise 8 was the second project in an experimental program of new curatorial initiatives. For this project, Exit Art invited eight New York based independent curators to work collectively, exposing the role of curator in contemporary culture. The curators met for several months and incorporated their ideas in a collectively curated project that took place over three months beginning January 16, 1999.

Eight curators came together for three months to explore and present a series of hypotheses, of works-in-progress. The eight initially distinct zones within the space shifted, melded, and mutated over the course of the three months. The goal was not to realize a ‘finished product’ within the space. Paradise 8 attempted to uproot the notion of the ‘definitive’ exhibition and replace stasis with kinesis. Here paradise was invoked as a hypothetical space in which to explore various ways of investigating and presenting art and culture.

Event: Paradise 8 Performances

THE STROKE: An Overview of Contemporary Painting

5/1/1999 – 7/2/1999

Curator(s): Ross Bleckner, Carroll Dunham, Ellen Gallagher, Kerry James Marshall, Suzanne McClelland, Elizabeth Murray, Lari Pittman, David Reed, Shahzia Sikhander

Artists: Andy Warhol, Moira Dryer, Uta Barth, Diti Almog, Tom Sachs, Adam Fuss, Andrew Masullo, Bill Jacobson, Keith Mayerson, Philip Taaffe, Eric Freeman, Peter Cain, Alan Turner, Pedro Bell, David Fludd, Alicia Henry, Helen Mirra, Amy Sillman, Gelsey Verna, Emily Cheng, Ruby Palmer, Hulda Stefansdottir, Hiroe Niimi, Fred Holland, Shoshana Dentz, Katurah Hutcheson, Joe Amrhein, John Benton, Luisa Chase, Steve DeFrank, Hermine Ford, Joanne Greenbaum, Mary Obering, James Siena, Jessica Weiss, Jack Whitten, Renee Petropoulos, Elizabeth Cooper, Pam Fraser, Nicholas Krushenick, Carl Ostendarp, Monique Prieto, Sebastian Bremer, David McGee, Julie Mehretu

Exhibition: The Stroke was the third exhibition in a yearlong experimental program of new curatorial initiatives at Exit Art. This exhibition presented a multi-faceted view of painting today, as seen by some of its most respected practitioners.

Exit Art invited nine painters, each representing a different perspective of contemporary painting, to engage their own curatorial ideas. In the role of curator, these painters were asked to present the work of artists whose work had touched them in a personal way: either young artists whom they wanted to support, or more established artists, or perhaps one of their peers.

Each curator had one wall at Exit Art as his or her curatorial space. They could choose to explore one artist in depth, a group of artists, hang the work salon style, choose one large piece, etc. Each of the curator’s selections was shown within the context of a larger exhibition, so that new readings of relationships, influences and differences among a diverse group of artists may have been suggested.

Event: Artist Talks


7/17/1999 – 7/18/1999

Curator(s): Dennis Nyback, Mark Webber, MM Serra and Michelle Handelman, Bradley Eros and Brian Frye, Ed Halter / Stephem Kent Jusick, Mark McElhatten

Event: An all-night experimental film festival featuring avant-garde classics and contemporary shorts, home movies, comedies, science and weird documentaries, mystery, horror, psychedelic, erotic and surreal films.


9/18/1999 – 10/30/1999

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Nina Bovasso, Nicole Eisenman, Judy Glantzman, Kim Jones, Jane Kaplowitz, Jason Clay Lewis, Mark Lombardi, Alice Maher, Yigal Ozeri, Joyce Pensato, Jonathon Rosen, Rudy Royval, Mark Dean Veca, Jason Zalk, Michael Zansky, Daniel Zeller

Exhibition: Monumental Drawings was an exhibition of large-scale works that explored drawing as an autonomous medium, and featured the work of sixteen artists. Long considered a route towards painting (or, to quote co-curator Papo Colo, the “great adventure before painting”), for contemporary artists drawing was a valid medium with its own history, context, and innovations. The large-scale emphasized physicality in line and texture, and at the same time, the grand expanse commanded the viewer’s attention. Some work contained large, gestural strokes, other work were rendered with meticulous, minute detail. In featuring large-scale or “monumental” works, the exhibition challenged the traditional conceptions of drawing as an intimate or precious medium.


11/13/1999 – 12/31/1999

Curator(s): Janine Antoni, Nan Goldin, Jerry Kearns, Sol Lewitt, Brice Marden, Donald Sultan, Carrie Mae Weems

Artists: Karin Campbell, Michael Joseph, Anissa Mack, Douglas Ross, Axelle Le Dauphin, Anitra Menning, Nicolas Pages, Amy Steiner, Inga Bing, Line Bruntse, Gregory S. Kline, Thomas Matsuda, Kate Teale, Nora York, Jeffrey Isaac, Robin Heidi Kennedy, Marco Tirelli, Todd Schroeder, Victor Matthews, Jane Creech, Thomas Kovachevich, Bobbie Oliver, Holly Sumner, Candida Alvarez, Todd Gray, Janet Henry, Tierney Malone

Exhibition: Choice 99 was Exit Art’s second annual exhibition / fall benefit that identified unknown and emerging artists through the viewpoint of leading contemporary artists. After the enthusiastic public and critical response to the previous year’s extraordinary exhibition, The Choice, Exit Art decided to make this an annual event. For this exhibition, we invited a group of established artists to engage their own curatorial ideas. In the role of curator, these artists were asked to present the work of artists they have followed or whose work has affected them in a personal way. In keeping with Exit Art’s mission to bring the work of emerging artists to a broader audience, they were asked that the artists they chose had to have only minor exposure.

Each of the participating artists/curators was chosen for their different perspectives on contemporary art. Through juxtaposing each of the curator’s selections within the context of a larger exhibition, new readings of relationships, influences, parallels and differences among a diverse group of artists were suggested.