1/9/1988 – 2/13/1988

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Ida Applebroog, Robert Colescott, Leon Golub, Jerry Kearns, Komar & Melamid, Juan Sanchez, Nancy Spero, May Stevens, Anton van Dalen, and Martin Wong

Exhibition: A group show of painters whose lives and work deal with socially concerned issues. The exhibition examined the co-existence between the cultural and political, between the social and the geographic, between the personal and the communal.

NACHUME MILLER: Paintings and Drawings 1984-1988

2/20/1988 – 3/19/1988

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Exhibition: A comprehensive exhibition of major works and drawing studies by this mid-career artist. The show traced the development of Miller’s large-scale gestural abstract landscapes with references to turbulent skies and oceans in the traditions of Da Vinci and Goya.

Publication: Catalog with an essay by Donald Kuspit, black and white photographs of the work in the show and featuring the reproduction of a commissioned drawing as the cover.


3/22/1988 – 4/30/1988

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Exhibition: An exhibition of this sculptor’s large-scale wooden sculpture for indoor spaces from 1986 to1988. Previously, attention on this artist had focused mainly on her outdoor site-specific installations, while the indoor work, also of cedar, represented an important development in her work.

Publication: Catalog with essay by John Yau, black and white photographs of the works in the exhibition and extensive biographical information.



Event: New York premiere of this hour-long international co-production among television stations, artists, and independent producers in Canada, France, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and West Germany.

VIDEOSPAIN: Recent Videos from Spain, 1984-1987

4/21/1988 – 4/23/1988

Curator(s): Eugeni Bonet, Jordi Torrent

Artists: Xavier F. Villaverde, Raul Rodriguez, Jose Ramon da Cruz, Antonio Cano and Pedro Garhel, Gerardo Armesto, Isabel Herguera, Joan Pueyo, A.R. Reixa, Inigo Salaberria, Julian Alvarez, Carles Comas, Joan Mallarch

Exhibition: Following the death of Franco and the entrance of Spain into the common market, there had been a tremendous amount of video activity in the country. For the first time in North America, Videospain offered three nights of video screenings providing an overview of the diverse work that was produced by video artists all over Spain at that time.

Publication: Catalog documenting the screenings. Essay by Eugeni Bonet on the history of video in Spain, Introduction by Jordi Torrent, with program notes, B&W images and biographical information on each of the 12 artists.


5/2/1988 – 5/16/1988

Curator(s): Jurgen Bruning, Mario Piazza, Steve Cummins, Saumen Guha, Manuel Palacio, Art van Barnevald, Yann Beauvais, Carlos Castillo, Roger Garcia, Toni Treadway, Nick Deocampo, Kino Garcia, Robert Malengreau, Tatsu Aoki and Image Forum, Christine Schlegel, Moira Sweeney, Felix Schaad, Valie Export, Jean Hamel and Denis Laplante, Jonnie Dobele and Hannelore Kober

Artists: Brigitte Buhler and Dieter Hormel, Rainer Grams, C. Heuwinkel and M. Muller, Doris Kuhn, Schmelz Dahin, Katarina Peters, A. Wildfang, Christoph Doering, Uli Versum, Li-san Tibodo, Michael Brintrup, Norberto Lipchak, Carlos Mandrini, Eduardo Newark, Jose Luis Garcia, Tito Gutierrez Paez, Mario Piazza, Gustavo Postiglione, Emmanuel Gasparinatos, Lional Doolan, Andrew Frost, Benay Ellison, Rhonda Harley, Ross Harley, Stephen Stockwell and Paul Scott, Gary Warner, Stephen Cummins, Potential Films, Catherine Lowing, Kathy Smith, Michael Hill, Suniti Kumar Manna and Tapan Sharma, Partha Pratim Moitra, Saumen Guha, El Eritreo Convulso, Orgullo Latino, Jordi Teixido, martin Grootenboer and Roeland Rutten, Hans Baron, Jos Schut, Peter Ooteman Judith Lithorst, Annet Bult, anneke Mulder, Ansuya Blom, Collectif Mohammed, Stephane Rizzi, Scott Hammen, Vivian Ostrovsky, Miles McKane, Gerard Courant, Marcelle Thirache, Jakobois, Augusto Prdelli, Victor Cadet, Glenda Montes Zuniga, Gabriel Szetesi, Sara Robins, Victor Rodriguez, Sanjiban, Bob Bartow, Peggy Ahwesh, Anthony Chase, Paul Balderes/Lois Divilio, Julie Murray, Michon Boston, James Elaine, Albert Bigrin, Ross McLaren, Steve Barry, Roger Garcia, Jim Shum, Comyn Mo, Carlos Castillo, Diego Risquez, Branda Miller, Jem Cohen, Charles Jevremovic and Lisa Montrose, Bill Seaman, Bill Stamets, Matthew Harrison, T.E. Disla, Joe Gibbons, Bill Creston, Nick Deocampo, Ted Arago, Joey Agbayani, Raymond Layumas, Raymond Red, Poli Marichal, Kino Garcia, Film Collective La Guancha, Eduardo Canovas, Waldo Sanchez, Kino Garcia and Taller Creative del Toa, Steffan and Christian Pierce, David Korb, Michel Lombet, Norbert Brenich, Robert Malengreau and Jean Claude Bromckarp, Gilbert Ducarine, Luc Hermant and Louis Savari, Jean Claude Woupers, Keita Kurosaka, Haruka Doi, Kazuko Kinoshita, Kazuhiro Sekiguchi, Ippei Harada, Yukio Hiruma, Hanisch-Palitza, C.M.P. Schleine, Christine Schlegel, Steffen Reck, Helge Leiberg, Hanczik Janos, Francis Boyle, Alan Finlayson, Ceri MaCabe, Moira Sweeney, George Saxtobn, Michael Maziere, Derek Jarman, Joan Kane, Andrea Kirsch, Joseph Grossberg, Angie Chew, Erotic Psyche, Lawrence F. Bross, Mike Westphal, Janet Callahan, Mark LaPore and Lois Divilio, Paige Snell, nina Fornoroff, Peter Herwitz, Jim Hubbard, Roxlee, Doris Berger, Giovanni Saraceno and Sebastian Dellers, Rolf Waeber, Penelope Wehrli, Chrisoph Balsiger, Dideir Bufflier Hungerstrike-Isolation, Ruedi Bind, Urs Brenner, Philipp Gasser, Michel Favre, Ma Schellenberg, Hon Alan Stout, Jeff McMahon, Penelope Wherli, Kurt Scearce, Robert Britt, J.R. Holstetler Oniera, Joel Katz, Jerry Orr, Attanssio, Garty Adlestein Miseu Albertis, Stephen Holman, Derek Jarman, Ursula Purrer/Angela Scheirl, Dietmar Brehm, Peter Tscherkassly, Herwig Kempminger, Perdita Chan, Linda Christanell, Lisl Ponger, Gotthard Wagner, Markus Binder, Wolfgang Hofman, Wolfgang Capellari, Robert Quitta, Simon Goulet, Denis-Noel Mostert, Marie brazeau, Pierre Jodoin, Ollivier Dyens, Denis Laplante, Christine Ares, Denis, Jeanne Crepeau and Stephen Fortin, Eric Pauwels, Manuel Gomez, Jo Schafer, Hannelore Kober and Jonnie Dobele, Schmelz Dahin, Detective F, Maija-Lene Rettig, Bjorn Melhus, Mathias Muller, Maija-Lene Rettig, Mathias Muller and Christiane Heuywinkel

Exhibition: An international festival of Super 8 films with works from India, Germany, the Philippines, Poland, Hungary, France, England, Italy, Japan, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Puerto Rico, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, and others. Two weeks of screenings, workshops, and lectures examined the international state of contemporary Super 8 film-making. Over 225 films were presented including curated programs from twenty-two countries, a jury-selected program of forty-four films from the U.S., and programs on the use of Super 8 in video transfers, documentary, and feature length films. A workshop and discussion was held on Super 8 issues, conducted by Tonbi Treadway and Bob Brodsky, founders of The International Center for 8mm Film and Video.

Events: Super 8 Film to Video: The Tech Session, Workshop; Film Performance Night; Introduction to Sync Sound Film-making, Workshop; Super 8 for Broadcast; Super 8: The International Perspective, Roundtable; Super 8 and the Postmodern, Panel Discussion

Publication: Documentary catalog with commissioned essays by leading U.S. film critics and curators, reports from each of the international curators, statements from the U.S. jurors, black and white images and a complete program listing.


6/4/1988 – 7/9/1988

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Vito Acconci; Richard Armijo; Rudolph Baranik; Betty Beaumont; Luis Camnitzer; Jaimie Davidovich; Judite Dos Santos; Juan Downey; John Fekner; Leon Ferrari; Guillermo Gomez-Pena; Ilona Granet; Edgar Heap of Birds; Alfredo Jaar; Michael Lebron; Marcus Margall; cildo Meireles; Marta Minujin; Catalina Parra; Christy Rupp; John Strauss; Regina Vater; Cecilia Vicuña

Exhibition: An invitational ‘challenge’ exhibition that focused on the South American and Third World debt. Twenty artists from North and South America were invited to create new works reflecting their understanding of this crisis with global effects.

ANTON VAN DALEN: The Memory Cabinet, 1950-1988

9/12/1988 – 10/29/1988

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Exhibition: This solo exhibition brought together for the first time all the components of his art that are integral to understanding him as an artist. His themes of nature, the automobile, and the relation of our natural and manmade environments were traced through sketchbooks, toys, stencils, shadow boxes, graphics, and large-scale installations.

Publication: Comprehensive catalog with 25 black and white reproductions, critical essay by Carlo McCormick, an interview with the artist and Jeanette Ingberman, extensive biography and bibliography and photographic documentation of 30 years of work.

Travel: Cleveland State University Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH


11/5/1988 – 12/23/1988

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Exhibition: An overview of the recent paintings by Martin Wong. Wong’s paintings depict scenes, characters, incidents, and stories inspired by his friends in his Lower East Side neighborhood. His works display a unique sensitivity to his subjects, which records the cultural life of his neighborhood and the city.

Publication: Catalog with essay by John Yau, an introduction by Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman and documentation of works in the show.