RICHARD MOCK: Paintings 1975-1984

1/4/1986 – 2/1/1986

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Exhibition: A solo exhibition of paintings by Richard Mock representing a ten year body of work from 1975-1985. Mock began with images of portraits and figures and later became an abstract painter. This project was a joint collaboration between Exit Art and the Brooke Alexander Gallery, who exhibited works produced since 1985.


1/4/1986 – 2/1/1986

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Rochelle Feinstein, Joshua Neustein, Jerry Kearns, Gary Mayer, John Fekner, Arnold Mesches

Exhibition: New work by artists who had shown at Exit Art over the previous three years.


2/6/1986 – 3/1/1986

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Rande Barke, Hans d’Hollosy, Raul Serrano

Exhibition: An exhibition that challenged the antiseptic view about abstraction, and brought the differences and similarities in the issues surrounding abstraction in the visual arts into a closer relationship. Included in the show were the painters Rande Barke, Hans D’hollosy, and Raul Serrano whose works incorporate many recognizable images in an abstract manner.

MEDIA HOSTAGES: Video Triptych

2/15/1986 – 3/1/1986

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Chip Lord, Branda Miller, Muntadas

Event: A video triptych by three video artists, Chip Lord, Branda Miller, and Muntadas who each created their own tape of a media event which occurred on LA’s Sunset Boulevard: In a marathon contest, a group of aspiring actors lived for several months on a billboard in order to promote a new electronic piece of jewelry called the Winkie; the winner received a new car and a Hollywood screen test.


3/8/1986 – 3/29/1986

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Artists: Tomie Arai, Rande Barke, Melissa Meyer, Nancy Berlin, Bettina Blohm, Ken Buhler, Andrea Callard, Marina Cappelletto, Elaine Lustig Cohen, R.M. Cohen, Baldo Diodato, Rochelle Feinstein, John Fekner, Ilona Granet, Mary Humbleton, Charlie Hewitt, Craig Hofheimer, Arlan Huang, Linda Levit, Margo Machida, Gary Mayer, Melissa Meyer, Nachume Miller, Florence Neal, Nieves Saah, Jacques Roch, Yolanda Shashaty, George Singley, Hunt Slonem, Bob Smith, Ken Sofer, Kay Walkingstick

Exhibition: A large group show of thirty-two artists representing the pluralistic aesthetic of the art world at that time, chosen from Exit Art’s artist files and weekly studio visits.


4/3/1986 – 4/26/1986

Curator(s): Brooke Alexander, Paula Cooper, Rosa Esman, Ronald Feldman, Barbara Gladstone, Marion Goodman, Jeffrey Hoffeld, Joseph Helman, Carroll Janis, Gracie Mansion, David McKee, Peter Nagy, Annina Nosei, Howard Scott, Deborah Sharpe, Holly Solomon, Ileana Sonnagend, Edward Thorpe, Barbara Toll, Bertha Urdang, John Weber, Helene Winer

Artists: Dick Miller, Ira Richer, Rhonda Zwillinger and Sur Rodney (Sur), Tony Cragg, Rigoberto Torres, Oyvind Fahlstrom, Jenny Okun, Izhar Patkin, David True, Allen Hansen, Christopher Wool, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Bruce Nauman, Susan Leopold, Alan Turner, Andrew Wilf, Jan Muller, John Miller, Katharine Kuharic, Robin Rose, Carroll Dunham, Cady Noland, Lee Newton

Exhibition: To establish an aesthetic dialogue between the different currents and attitudes of the gallery system, twenty dealers were invited to select one work by one artist to represent them in the show and to include a statement explaining their choice.


4/25/1986 – 5/18/1986

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Event: The New York premiere of Exit in 3, a fiction documentary based on the lives and works of three New York artists: Jerry Kearns, Elaine Lustig Cohen and Hunt Slonem. Conceived and directed by Papo Colo, this short story followed two agents who metaphorically investigate the art world. Exit in 3 was a new approach to documentary that dealt with the problems of translating the medium of painting into the medium of TV. By using the vehicle of fiction to create a structure, the tape combined reality with imagination to make a statement about art and its strategies.


5/3/1986 – 5/31/1986

Curator(s): Lucy Lippard

Artists: Robert Ballagh, Anne Carlisle, John Carson, Vernon Carter, Helen Comerford, Barrie Cookel Tony Corey, David Crone, Michael Cullen, Miky Donnelly, Tom Grace, Maurice Henderson, Julie Kelleher, John Kindness, Donncha Mac Gabhann, Aileen Mac Keogh, Brian Maguire, Danny McCarthhy, Angela Lawless Morrissey, Noreen O’Hare, Alanna O’Kelly, Michael O’Kelly, Anna O’Sullivan, Nigel Rolfe, Dermot Seymour, Victor Sloan, Julie Stephenson, Donald Teskey, Joe Walls

Exhibition: This was the first major exhibition of contemporary Irish art to tour North America since 1970. Curator Lucy Lippard, a prominent critic and art historian, went to Ireland to select over 100 works by 20 artists. This exhibition exposed young Irish artists whose works were almost totally unknown here, and for the first time brought together artists from Ireland and Northern Ireland. This show was organized by the Ireland America Arts Exchange Inc. and the Williams College Museum of Art.

Publication: Color catalogue with a comprehensive essay by Lucy Lippard.

Travel: Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, MA (November 8 – 29, 1985); Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Canada (February 5 – March 28, 1986); BANFF Centre School of Fine Arts, Alberta, Canada (October 2 – November 17, 1986); Mackenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina, Regina, Canada (November 28, 1986 – January 11, 1987); Baxter Gallery, Portland School of Art, Portland, ME (February 1 – March 22, 1987); Musee du Quebec, Canada (April 16 – May 31, 1987)


6/5/1986 – 7/12/1986

Curator(s): Bertha Urdang

Artists: Drora Dominey, Aharon Gluska, Jacob El-Hanani, Moshe Kupferman, Joshua Neustein, Gilad Ophir, Nahum Tevet, Micha Ullman

Exhibition: An exhibition of eight contemporary Israeli painters, sculptors and photographers living and working both in Israel and in New York. The Disciplined Spirit was not meant to be a comprehensive overview of the different currents produced in Israel, but rather presented a particular voice, a group of artists who were aesthetically related in their approach to the notions of abstraction in contemporary art.

Publication: Catalogue with documentation of each of the artists in the exhibition, introduction by Jeanette Ingberman and essay by curator Bertha Urdang.


9/18/1986 – 11/14/1986

Curator(s): Papo Colo, Jeanette Ingberman, Jordi Torrent

Artists: Sonia Balassanian, Irit Batsry, Liza Bear, Zigi Ben-Haim, Caterina Borelli, Theresa Cha, Miguel Chevalier, Thom Corn, Jaime, Davidovich, Dimitri Devyatkin, Lily Diaz, Marcos Dimas, Baldo Diodato, Juan Downey, Arlan Huang, Karine Hrechdakian, Tony Labat, Margo Machida, Marcos Margall, Nicola Naimo, Diego Quintero, Charles Biasiny-Rivera, Jacques Roch, Miroslaw Rogala, Nieves Saah, Toshio Sasaki, Corrinne Segal, Leonid Sokov, Steina Vasulka, Regina Vater, Chihung Yang, Charles Yuen, Purvis Young.

Exhibition: A survey of work by artists of diverse cultural backgrounds who had come to live and work in New York City. The transcultural nature of New York provides a new dimension to each artist’s work. By presenting these artists together, Exit Art opened the possibilities for their work to be seen in a different aesthetic context. The show included painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installations.


9/21/1986 – 10/12/1986

Curator(s): Papo Colo and Jeanette Ingberman

Event: The cities of Barcelona and New York together celebrated an event that marked the centennial of two important monuments, The Statue of Columbus in Barcelona and the Statue of Liberty in New York, through an art project titled Honeymoon by Miralda.

PAPO COLO: Will, Power, and Desire 1976-1986

11/20/1986 – 12/31/1986

Curator(s): Jeanette Ingberman

Exhibition: An exhibition of this multi-disciplinary artist’s work which presented ten years of work in painting, sculpture, drawing, and performance. Colo’s work explored ideas of the metaphysical and the spiritual, incorporating organic forms and recognizable figurative images in luminous and earthy washes of color, juxtaposing the political with the cultural, the aesthetic with the ideological, the abstract with the figurative.

Event: Performance: La Differencia

Publication: Comprehensive color catalog with essays by Jeanette Ingberman, Lucy Lippard, an interview with the artist by Martha Wilson, poetry by John Yau, and photo-documentation of works in the exhibition.